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Bea has a certified Yoga for Athletes teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance.

She has taught contemporary dance to professional and amateur dancers for over 9 years.

During the last couple years she has been holding classes at Tripspace, The Place, Rambert, Punchdrunk Company,Scottish Dance Theatre, Rambert School, LCDS and NSCD.

Her workshops aim to bring participants to discover a nuanced and strong sense of identity in their movement. Rooted on her interest in movement research, Bea offers improvisation scores and tools to expand movement pathways and enhance the awareness of the participants. Allowing for a full-body exploration of targeted aspects, she centers the focus on isolations, sequential movements, our relation with gravity, and how to activate or diminish movement to find textures and dynamics.

Bea’s curiosity and playfulness are infectious, encouraging a deep exploration of movement. She believes that allowing failure is the price of admission to a beautiful dance.

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