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We all carry the weight of the blue sky above us

and all these clouds,

all these dreams


Les Nuages/The Clouds will be a new live dance performance, directed by Bea Bidault, premiering in 2024.


Direction: Bea Bidault

Choreography: Bea Bidault in collaboration with the dancers.

Rehearsal director: Becky Namgauds

Lead Movement Artists: Connor Scott, Theo Arran, Bonni Bogya, Aki Iwamoto

Music: Mayah Kadish

Costume Designer: Shanti Bell

Producer: Polly Cuthbert

 2023-2024 (Ireland– United Kingdom)

With the support of Jaime Iddon Award granted by Blast Theory, European Mobility Award, Uillin West Cork Arts Centre.

Coproduced by Ugly Duck.

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