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Bea Bidault

Movement Research & Direction | Perfomer | Choreographer

- 13th of July -


- Performance & Post Show Party -

Les Nuages will come to Ugly Duck on the 13th of July, for one performance only. 

A 30 minute version of this otherwordly piece directed and performed by Bea Bidault, with original music by Mayah Kadish and costume design by Shanti Bell. 


Come and be mesmerized by a fictional landscape, bodies filled with air and smoke, heavy clouds. Drift through the liminal space between dreams and reality.


House opens at 6:30. The show will start at 7:00 pm and a post show gathering will follow with drinks,  and music curated by a DJ.


This is an opportunity for Bea to present her work and for us to help her raise funds for the further developement of Les Nuages. We hope that you will want to be involved in supporting this special work!

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